18 March 2021

Extended DE-CIX partner program: Helping partners to solve enterprise needs

Due to ever increasing amounts of data and the rapid move to the cloud, enterprise networking needs are growing. Therefore, we have extended our partner program to cover channel alliance partners to help enterprise customers outside the telecommunications industry take advantage of our interconnection services.

New channel alliance partners

Enterprises rely on solution providers, managed service providers, and systems integrators to successfully implement and run digital transformation projects. We want to support these channel alliance partners to cover precisely this kind of consultation needs of enterprises. With their help, their enterprise customers can access our platform and take advantage of our services such as the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, and DirectCLOUD – the latter offering a dedicated connection to over 50 cloud service providers.

We assist our partners with onboarding, technical implementation, and offer training opportunities at the DE-CIX Academy to support our partners with the challenge of helping enterprises to build future-proof interconnection setups.

Be part of our interconnection ecosystem

If you are a solution provider, a managed service provider, or a systems integrator, join our interconnection ecosystem and pass the benefits of our interconnection services on to your customers. We can work together to best satisfy the interconnection needs of your enterprise customers and jointly benefit from shared business opportunities.