28 April 2020

Enabling digital infrastructure together: Partnership with Core-Backbone

Core-Backbone has been a partner of DE-CIX since 2014 and we can look back on a long and successful cooperation. Being present at multiple DE-CIX exchanges like in Frankfurt, Madrid, New York and the regional German exchanges, Core-Backbone is not only a DE-CIX reseller partner offering networks to peer remotely, but they also offer their customers a wide range of products like IP-Transit, wavelengths, Layer2 connections as well as DDoS protection. 

“As a reseller it’s very important for our customers to make the required bandwidths available very quickly. With DE-CIX we have found the perfect partner for many years,” states Ulrich Köhler, Head of Development and Network at Core-Backbone.

Adding 11,000 kilometers of dark fiber 

In 2019, Core-Backbone extended their network by a total of 11,000 kilometers of dark fiber. By connecting many networks to our exchanges with their network, their participation led to a considerable traffic increase at DE-CIX. 

“The current challenges due to Covid-19 make us realize more than ever how important digital infrastructures are. Core-Backbone is one of our top resellers, and they help us to enable more networks to peer. Without them, the Internet would not be the same. They are an important part of our interconnection ecosystem, “ states Melanie Kempf, Director Global Partner Relations at DE-CIX. 

We would like to thank our partner for their outstanding support, and we look forward to working together in the future.