26 February 2020

DirectROUTES: Direct access to Comcast improves network performance

The quotes of customers speak for themselves: “Having a direct connection to a network the size of Comcast’s gives us a distinct advantage over other cloud providers,” said Dan Spataro, director of infrastructure operations at Linode. “DirectROUTES allows us to skip over the middleman — something unique to Linode — instantly reducing latency and improving throughput for our customers who get their Internet connectivity through Comcast. We pride ourselves on providing the best price to performance cloud in the market, and DirectROUTES plays a significant role in making this possible.” 

Regardless of bandwidth requirements, DE-CIX’s DirectROUTES service enables businesses to leverage connections to high-quality networks with a restrictive peering policy over an additional VLAN with no additional contract negotiations or cross connect fees. Utilizing direct access to Comcast’s network, an opportunity only available through DE-CIX DirectROUTES, allows businesses to improve their network quality by lowering latency, increasing control, eliminating congestion and optimizing their routing table. This service is especially beneficial for small or medium-sized businesses that are not normally able to gain access to larger high-quality networks due to small bandwidth requirements. 

“The magic of the DE-CIX solution” 

To let one more customer speak: “At Pixel Factory we were experiencing significant latency swings and packet loss to Comcast via our multiple transit providers during different days or time of day. Switching to DE-CIX’s DirectROUTES service stabilized the large latency swings and increased the bandwidth on the per stream throughput. We also saw the packet loss issue disappear. Solving this nagging problem was a couple of clicks and the magic of the DE-CIX solution. This way we streamlined our hardware requirements, reduced cross connects and port count, and provided better class of connectivity to our clients,” says Scott K. Brown, President of Pixel Factory Inc., about his experience with DE-CIX’s DirectROUTES service.

Customers connected to DE-CIX’s New York and Dallas exchanges, as well as remote customers from the Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Marseille and Istanbul locations, can benefit from the fast and simple setup. The DirectROUTES service is delivered under the standard DE-CIX terms and conditions and thus eliminates the need for further contracts. 

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