12 May 2020

DirectCLOUD launches in India

We are excited to announce the launch of our DirectCLOUD service in Mumbai. Customers now have access to our Cloud Exchange and can connect to the global cloud services provided by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Additionally, Amazon Web Services will be available soon.

Creating local cloud ecosystems 

Our cloud ecosystem is a unique community of certified partners, working together to ensure a secure, resilient, and reliable access to the cloud. Within this ecosystem, the infrastructure of an enterprise is connected via an Internet service provider (ISP), a data center, or directly with the selected cloud service provider.  

“This is the first step in building an extensive Indian cloud ecosystem, which will feature both global and local service providers. We are looking forward to going beyond peering and bringing our customers more value from their existing accesses to DE-CIX,” commented Sudhir Kunder, Senior Vice President and National Head Sales at DE-CIX in India.  

DirectCLOUD offers a direct connection 

The DirectCLOUD service offers a direct connection to cloud service providers, bypassing the Internet, with guaranteed bandwidth and security against DDoS. The DirectCLOUD connection can also be used to link to other ISPs in order to use their services, e.g. IP transit, infrastructure, and network capabilities.  

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