15 June 2020

Digital age is the age of connectivity

In the digital age, access to networks, clouds, and data centers is as essential as the provision of electricity was for the industrial era. When you take advantage of services from different providers and then connect these services to people and devises in various locations, the flow of data and content becomes increasingly complex. The only way to excel as your business becomes more and more digital, is to have control over the environment where digital transactions happens.

Global lock-down needs a digital unlocking

The Covid-19 pandemic with its global lock-down measures has fast-tracked digital transformation of enterprises. Many businesses lacked the technology to support remote working but they upgraded and tested their technology infrastructure at a much faster speed than in normal circumstances. Video conference traffic increased over 120 percent and the adoption of digital tools surged, putting focus also on how enterprises are interconnected.

One of the key learnings from the Covid-19 situation is that a global lock-down needs a digital unlocking for enterprises. Businesses need to re-think their digitization and interconnection strategies because they rely on a secure, resilient and robust Internet infrastructure.

To read more on the topic, download our new white paper on how interconnection drives the digital transformation of enterprises.

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