29 January 2019

Deutsche Telekom DSL available via DirectCLOUD with MK Netzdienste

DE-CIX’s DirectCLOUD service can be used not only to connect to cloud services, but also to connect to other Internet service providers in order to use services like DDoS protection or IP transit.

The latest addition to the DE-CIX DirectCLOUD partner program is MK Netzdienste, who offer the opportunity to reach the DSL service of Deutsche Telekom via their network. The service focuses on providers who want to connect business customers in Germany. MK Netzdienste offers access to DSL lines and fiber lines; DSL access includes ADSL, SDSL and VDSL line up to 250 Mbit, and fiber lines based on Ethernet up to 10G. 

ISPs can use the service to broaden their service portfolio, and they can connect to MK Netzdienste at any of the DE-CIX-enabled sites in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Marseille, and Istanbul. Just via a VLAN, without additional cross connect costs. 

About MK Netzdienste

MK Netzdienste offers intelligent solutions from the net: innovative information and communication services for business customers, directly or as a reseller.