29 January 2020

DE-CIX's top 3 resellers in 2019: Angola Cables, Core-Backbone, and GlobeNet

DE-CIX resellers are an integral part of DE-CIX’s interconnection ecosystems worldwide. Without them, fewer networks would peer at DE-CIX’s exchanges, and there would be fewer access points available to reach DE-CIX. Overall, our resellers connect more than 300 networks to our exchanges. In 2019, Angola Cables, Core-Backbone, and GlobeNet were our top 3 resellers, together connecting a large number of networks to the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges. We would like to thank all of our reseller partners, and our top 3 resellers in particular, for the good cooperation in growing our interconnection ecosystems together. Without you, we would not be where we are today. Thank you! 

Benefits of connecting via resellers 

If networks do not have a PoP at a DE-CIX-enabled site, they can connect via a DE-CIX reseller. Our partners offer access to DE-CIX enabled sites from over 500 cities in 80+ countries worldwide.  
Peering via a reseller reduces hardware and colocation costs while providing direct interconnection to up to hundreds of networks. DE-CIX reseller partners usually offer more bandwidth choices, shorter contract terms, and access to more than one DE-CIX Internet Exchange. 

DE-CIX top 3 resellers in 2019 

Angola Cables – Global connectivity solutions provider 

With a strategic partnership established in 2014, Angola Cables and DE-CIX created the foundations to enhance the interconnection environment within the Angola Cables network. Today, Angola Cables is more than a leading Angolan operator, internationally recognized as a key player operating in the ICT industry and providing tailored connectivity solutions. With more than 3,500 peering agreements, ranked top 50 World Internet Service Provider, plus 13 PoPs (West Africa, Europe, Latam, and USA) their IP network is proven to be robust with great value proposition in terms of low-latency and interconnection to major Tier 1 operators and OTTs. Through SACS, Monet and WACS submarine cable systems, the company directly connects the Americas, Africa, and Europe and has established partnerships to reach Asia. They manage the Tier III Data Center AngoNAP Fortaleza (Brazil) and the Datacenter AngoNAP Luanda (Angola) as well as the PIX and Angonix, one of the largest Internet Exchange Points in Africa.

Core-Backbone: Germany-based carrier with international network 

The Germany-based carrier Core-Backbone operates an international, secure, and high-availability network around the world. It is possible to order their services in locations like London, Singapore, and New York.  The product portfolio includes IP Transit, Layer2 Circuits, Remote Peerings, and premium DDoS Protection. Core-Backbone has cooperated with DE-CIX since 2014 and is one of our Top3 resellers in Frankfurt and New York.  
For 2020 Core-Backbone is going to establish more Points-of-Presence in Central and Eastern Europe by extending their DWDM network. The Core-Backbone Peering team will participate in several events such as the European Peering Forum and Global Peering Forum, in order to spread the idea of peering around the world. 

GlobeNet – Connecting the Americas 

GlobeNet is a wholesale telecommunications provider that connects the Americas with an integrated and comprehensive portfolio of network, IP, data center and security services. All their low latency data and IT solutions are supported by an award-winning, ultra-resilient 23,500-kilometer subsea system and data center infrastructure. Now, from their data center in Barranquilla, Colombia, to their new Internet eXchange in Fortaleza, Brazil,  they’re giving their customers more choices than ever. The new 2,500-kilometer MALBEC subsea cable has been awarded the Best Americas Project at Capacity Global Carrier Awards and will finally bring Argentina fully into their network.