31 January 2020

DE-CIX's 25th anniversary: Without you we would not be where we are today

25 years ago, in a little old post office in Frankfurt, three ISPs connected and formed the foundation of DE-CIX. A quarter century later, we look back on an extraordinary history and development, in Germany and around the world. We will use this year to look back at what happened in the last 25 years. How it all begun, how it developed, and where we will be tomorrow. One thing is for sure: Without you, our customers, partners, and friends, we would not be where we are today. The Internet would not be what it is now without you. Thank you! 

Withoutyou.de-cix.net – Joint achievements 

We’ve published a dedicated space on our website where, throughout the year, we will take a look back at 25 years of Internet and interconnection history and at what is happening today. We start with a video of our CEO Harald Summa talking about what he remembers from the beginning. Back when he looked at the “What’s new” website every morning to find out what was new on the Internet – do you remember this page? You can also already find some information about 25 years of Internet development. Do you remember when the first tweet was sent or the first block of the online currency Bitcoin was developed? Have a look here

Save the date: 26 June 2020 – our anniversary celebration 

On 26 June, we will celebrate our 25th anniversary in Cologne, together with eco, the Association of the Internet Industry. As soon as registration opens, we’ll let you know. The registration will initially be open for DE-CIX customers and partners and eco members only. 

We look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary with you throughout the year!