20 January 2020

DE-CIX to open new Internet Exchange in Singapore

In the second half of 2020, DE-CIX will open a new Internet Exchange in Singapore. The new location will run on the award-winning DE-CIX Apollon interconnection platform, allowing the provisioning of different interconnection services like peering and cloud services. Singapore is situated directly next to Malaysia, where DE-CIX just recently announced its market entry at two central points: In Johor Bahru, powered by JBIX, and Kuala Lumpur (opening in 2020).  DE-CIX Singapore will create an interconnection ecosystem in one of the densest metro markets in South East Asia.

“For 25 years, DE-CIX is renowned for creating interconnection hubs around the world wherever customers need us, hubs which are secure and easy to access. DE-CIX Singapore, as the heart of the ASEAN region, is just the next logical step we are taking in our international expansion. Whilst Singapore has been a major content hub for the region over the last decade, the key content and cloud-computing players have started to extend their footprint throughout ASEAN. This will pave the way in our further expansion in the region for creating a robust and secure interconnection ecosystem, with more to come in the next year or two,” says Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International. “There are millions of users around the ASEAN markets who both local and international operators want to have access to. The demand for low latency and the huge traffic volumes driven by video, payment, gaming, and other applications – like on-demand and live streaming of sports – is huge,” Ivanov concludes.