26 May 2020

DE-CIX renews PeeringDB sponsorship

Once again, DE-CIX is proud to sponsor PeeringDB. PeeringDB is a very important tool for any network that wants to peer. We recommend that all our customers keep their PeeringDB entry up-to-date. As not all DE-CIX customers use the DE-CIX route servers, you have to set up additional peerings with networks who do not peer on the DE-CIX route servers. The PeeringDB records is where you can find out whom to contact at each company and the status of their peering policy. 

More information and tips about setting up peering sessions can be found in our "How to start peering" white paper. 

Using PeeringDB for routing security

Earlier this year, we introduced a new feature for PeeringDB called "Never via route servers", helping us to improve routing security. If a network registered with PeeringDB checks this box (in the section "Protocols Supported"), the DE-CIX route servers will honor this statement by filtering out any route containing the network's ASN. This feature has been live at PeeringDB since 22 January, and a number of networks are already making use of this feature.