15 September 2020

DE-CIX partners with Seaborn: Flexible access to multiple DE-CIX locations

In addition to interconnection to DE-CIX New York, Seaborn is now also offering access also to our exchanges in Frankfurt, Dallas, Madrid, and Marseille. You can choose between a single agreement to purchase transport to peer directly through Seaborn with, or to leverage Seaborn’s network and interconnection with DE-CIX to purchase transport to peer and then enter a relationship with us directly.

Both options enable customers simplified access to our Internet Exchanges in North America and Europe over an existing connection, reducing costs and time to provision while enabling greater control and global reach.

Easy access for South American networks

Through our partnership networks in South America are now able to benefit from DE-CIX’s neutral interconnection ecosystem. Seaborn operates a network across the Americas delivering IP, Ethernet and transport services, underpinned by the speed and quality of its Seabras-1 subsea fiber cable between Sao Paulo and New York. Using the low-latency Seaborn infrastructure, network operators can enjoy the huge variety of connectivity and peering options at DE-CIX New York as their global gateway to North America, Canada, and Europe.