6 November 2019

DE-CIX offers direct access to the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service

DE-CIX is a global launch partner for the new Microsoft Azure Peering Service. The service is a collaboration with service providers to provide highly reliable and optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft services. It also provides Internet latency telemetry and route monitoring, and alerting against hijacks, leaks and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) misconfigurations. Connecting with DE-CIX to Microsoft provides a highly reliable and optimized Internet connectivity to Microsoft's services; it improves the user experience for Microsoft’s SaaS services by offering the shortest networks path to the nearest edge POP in the Microsoft network.

Latency optimization and traffic monitoring

With the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, Microsoft customers get a qualified check of prefix geo-location and the correct edge location from Microsoft. The DE-CIX infrastructure setup towards Microsoft is locally redundant and supports failover across multiple locations (geo redundancy). 

The Microsoft service is available at all DE-CIX locations with an Apollon infrastructure in North America, Europe and the Middle East where Microsoft is connected.

Closed User Groups: Exchange data directly with selected, trusted partners

For the Microsoft Azure Peering Service, the first Closed User Group at DE-CIX has been established. On the DE-CIX Apollon platform, logically separated services can easily be installed. Hence, DE-CIX’s interconnection ecosystem can be used for dedicated user groups. Closed User Groups can either be used for exchanging data only with selected, trusted partners or for a dedicated service.  

  • Microsoft Azure Peering Service
  • Closed User Groups