24 April 2019

DE-CIX New York: New peak, and more than 100,000 routes available

In March, DE-CIX New York officially surpassed 100,000 available routes at the route servers. In addition, the new all-time traffic peak crossed the 400G barrier and is currently at 417G. 

How many routes are available at the route servers can be seen in the DE-CIX Looking Glass, in the neighbor overview. An explanation on how to use the DE-CIX Looking Glass can be found here.

The traffic and available routes growth is in line with the milestone of more than 200 unique networks that peer at DE-CIX New York. This milestone was reached in December 2018, and through reaching it, DE-CIX New York took over the number one position as the largest carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange in New York.

Earlier this year, due to the ongoing growth, the DE-CIX New York peering LAN changed from the old /24 network to the new /22. This renumbering process was completed successfully, and with the new /22 network, DE-CIX New York is now able to connect more than 1,000 networks.