1 September 2020

DE-CIX Munich: New enabled site at noris network data center

We are happy to announce noris network as our newest data center partner. Additionally, their data center Munich East in Aschheim, near Munich, is a new DE-CIX-enabled site.

The customers of noris network can now take advantage of our interconnection services directly on site. As part of the partnership, noris network provides the data center infrastructure, while we operate and manage our own network hardware in the data center.

One of the most modern data centers in Europe

As one of the most modern and powerful data centers in Europe, the Munich East data center offers more than 99.99 percent availability, and maximum energy efficiency. With the direct connection via noris network's own backbone to the other data centers in Munich city center, Nuremberg, and Hof, noris network offers customers a maximum of location-distributed redundancy.

Get closer to the edge

Munich is becoming more and more important due to the increasing relevance of getting closer to the users. We have over 190 networks connected in Munich, and in March 2020 the exchange set a new peak traffic record. This positive growth in Munich, as well as in our other regional exchanges, is a clear indication of the need to bring networks closer to the edge.