14 January 2021

DE-CIX Madrid is getting bigger – existing customers need to renumber

Since its founding, we have connected more than 200 routers to DE-CIX Madrid’s peering LAN. As the peering LAN currently uses a /24 network which contains 254 IPv4 addresses, we need to change to a new IP network.

To accommodate the growth, we have acquired a new address range, a /23 network containing 510 IPv4 addresses for customer routers. This also means that all existing customers will have to change their router’s IPv4 address – and all IPv4 BGP peering sessions.

The network change only affects IPv4 addresses; IPv6 addresses do not have to be changed.

The renumbering will take place on 9-11 February

The change will take place over three days between 9 and 11 February. More details have been shared with the DE-CIX Madrid customers via email, and FAQs are available on the DE-CIX customer portal.

Completely new /23 network

Last year, we also acquired new address range for DE-CIX Dusseldorf and customers there also had to renumber. We have also done this in Frankfurt, but in that case the network we used for the peering LAN was part of a much larger network which also belongs to us. As a result, we only had to move a few addresses around and could extend the network from a /22 to a /21.

When we opened DE-CIX Madrid, it was not possible to get such a large network. Being an Internet Exchange, a critical infrastructure, we are able to get more addresses if we can prove that we need them; and with our current growth, we were able to get a new /23 network for Madrid. But this network is not adjacent to our current one – we will get a completely new /23 network. Therefore, all customers will have to renumber their IPv4 interface connecting to the Madrid peering LAN. Afterwards, we will give back the old /24.