13 September 2019

DE-CIX joins IEIC as founding member

Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC) was founded in June 2019, and DE-CIX is very proud to be one of the founding members. IEIC is an independent committee that promotes Internet diversity forming global Internet nexus points. By utilizing innovation and influence within the IEIC’s collective participants and industries, the IEIC will geographically harden Internet infrastructure ensuring the Internet will continue to stimulate economic development opportunities in communities around the globe and propelling the digital economy on a local and global basis. 

As a founding member, we join ranks with well-known names like Dr. Vint Cerf, Father of the Internet, and companies like Ford, Telxius, CenturyLink, Telia, Ciena, and many more. DE-CIX shares IEIC’s vision that global Internet diversity and resiliency will result in economic growth in various regions around the planet. 

We look forward to working on that together.