23 July 2019

DE-CIX Istanbul traffic crosses the 100 Gbit/s threshold

In July, DE-CIX Istanbul reached a new all-time traffic peak. The traffic peak crossed the 100 Gbit/s threshold and is currently at 120G.

Just recently, a well-known social network joined DE-CIX Istanbul, with this leading to the new all-time peak. The capacity upgrade of some other well-known networks is expected to increase the traffic even further in the next weeks.

Strong growth of 10GE ports in 2018

With its distributed infrastructure, DE-CIX Istanbul is the world’s only Internet Exchange to serve two continents – Europe and Asia – in one country. In 2018, DE-CIX Istanbul saw strong growth of close to 30 percent in 10GE ports. This is due to existing customers – such as national and international operators and content delivery networks – upgrading their existing access to the IX. In particular, there was increased interest from international networks. As a result, the connected capacity in 2018 also rose by 27 percent, finishing at 327 Gbits. More information can be found in the DE-CIX Annual Report.