30 March 2021

DE-CIX is a platinum sponsor of PeeringDB

For the sixth year in a row, we are once again proudly sponsoring PeeringDB. PeeringDB is a freely available database of networks facilitating global interconnection at Internet Exchanges, and is the first stop when making interconnection decisions. If you need to set up peerings with networks that do not peer on our route servers, the PeeringDB records is where you can research whom to contact at each company and their peering policy.

For the good of the Internet

PeeringDB also helps us with routing security on our route servers. A feature added to the database last year gives networks the option to check the box “Never via route servers”. In this case, the DE-CIX route servers will filter out any routes containing the network’s ASN.

PeeringDB is a community-driven initiative and is run and promoted by volunteers for the growth and good of the Internet. We highly recommend that all networks that peer at the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges keep their PeeringDB entry up-to-date.