17 October 2019

DE-CIX increases capacity in EdgeConneX Munich data center

Thanks to a growing number of customers with 100 Gigabit Ethernet connections, over 140 ASNs peering in Munich, and peak traffic of more than 36 Gigabits per second, DE-CIX has upgraded its current equipment within the EdgeConneX facility in Munich to a capacity of more than 1 Terabit.   

For the past 10 years, DE-CIX has had network and peering infrastructure at Landsberger Strasse 155 – known since January 2019 as the EdgeConneX Munich facility (former SpaceNet). In order to future-proof its ability to handle continuously growing volumes of network traffic, DE-CIX has now chosen the EdgeConneX facility for its enhanced capacity to support future growth and expansion. The EdgeConneX team is on track to complete its previously announced refurbishments to the EdgeConneX Munich (EDCMUC01). 

The EDCMUC01 data center is a prime location for enterprises, network operators, cloud and other service providers looking to reach the immediate Munich market and beyond. Network operators can reach DE-CIX Munich cost-effectively via a standard cross connect. 

For more information about EdgeConneX and its network infrastructure solutions, visit edgeconnex.com or email info@edgeconnex.com.  

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