27 February 2020

DE-CIX Hamburg: New DE-CIX-enabled site and a new traffic peak

With more than 10 DE-CIX-enabled sites, more than 160 networks that peer, and almost 100,000 available IPv4 routes, DE-CIX Hamburg has developed very well over the past year. The latest addition to the DE-CIX Hamburg enabled sites list is IPHH (HH3), Internet Port Hamburg, joining us with a second data center in the Wendenstr. 251. IPHH joined us with a first DE-CIX-enabled site (HH2) back in 2017. 

Shortly after we reached a new all-time traffic peak record in Frankfurt, DE-CIX Hamburg also reached a new all-time peak of more than 70 Gigabits per second on 18 February. The peak caused a nice and rather unusual spike in the statistic graphics.  

Interconnecting IXs for the benefit of all connected networks  

One reason for the strong growth of DE-CIX Hamburg as well as the other regional exchanges in Germany is the GlobePEER Remote service. Since the service’s inception, many networks have started to use the service to bring their content into the regional environments, with traffic clearly flowing outwards from DE-CIX Frankfurt to the regional exchanges. 
We would like to say thank you to all networks – our customers – peering at DE-CIX Hamburg for strengthening the exchange and for your ongoing trust and support! 

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