11 March 2020

Highest jump ever: DE-CIX Frankfurt reaches 9.1 Tbps

Yesterday evening, DE-CIX Frankfurt reached a new all-time traffic peak of more than 9.1 Terabits per second! This is not only a new world record, this is also the highest jump in traffic we have ever had at DE-CIX. The all-time traffic peak DE-CIX Frankfurt reached two weeks ago was 8.3 Tbps, so peak traffic increased by 800 Gigabits per second.

Unusual time for a new peak

A mere two weeks ago, we said that we expected the 9 Terabits per second to happen more towards the end of the year, based on the traffic developments we saw in previous years. While streaming of live sports events, IOS updates, or new releases of online games (like yesterday evening: Call of Duty® Warzone) are likely to generate new traffic peaks at DE-CIX, traffic rhythm generally follows seasonal waves.

Whether it’s for exchanging information, streaming films, playing online games, or the exceptional situation people are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 virus, Internet usage is playing an ever-greater role. “Guaranteeing a stable and secure Internet infrastructure – regardless of how challenging the times are – is one of our highest priorities,” said Dr. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), in regards to the new all-time traffic peak.

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