25 October 2019

DE-CIX for enterprises: InterconnectionFLEX

The interconnection requirements of enterprises outside the telecommunication sector are rising constantly, and more and more enterprises with their own ASNs are approaching DE-CIX directly to talk about their growing interconnection needs. To offer enterprises who prefer a direct contract with DE-CIX a connectivity solution, DE-CIX now offers InterconnectionFLEX – a service package specifically tailored to the interconnection needs of enterprises.

Flexible service bundle plus consulting 

The service package includes DE-CIX’s services GlobePEER, GlobePEER Remote, DirectCLOUD, and VirtualPNI. In addition, it contains a consulting element where DE-CIX analyzes the enterprise’s interconnection needs and offers an initial peering workshop.

DE-CIX as a direct partner for big enterprises 

Most enterprises will continue to buy DE-CIX services from their ISP instead of approaching DE-CIX directly. But for big enterprises who have an ASN and approach DE-CIX directly, DE-CIX has now a service that fits to their needs. We look forward to satisfying the growing interconnection needs of enterprises together with the ISPs and data centers that are already connected to DE-CIX, and also to offer enterprises a direct contract possibility. Both ways will continue to strengthen DE-CIX's interconnection ecosystem for the benefit of all connected networks.

If you are interested in offering InterconnectionFLEX as a service package to your enterprise customers, please contact us at sales@de-cix.net

More information about the new service is available at www.interconnection-flex.net

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