8 June 2020

DE-CIX Dusseldorf is getting bigger – current customers need to renumber

Since its founding, we have connected more than 220 routers to DE-CIX Dusseldorf’s peering LAN. As the peering LAN currently uses a /24 network which contains 254 IPv4 addresses, we need to change to a new IP network.

To accommodate the growth, we have acquired a new address range, a /23 network containing 510 IPv4 addresses for customer routers. This also means that all existing customers will have to change their router’s IPv4 address – and all IPv4 BGP peering sessions.

The network change only affects IPv4 addresses; IPv6 addresses do not have to be changed.

The renumbering will take place on 14-16 July

The change will take place over three days between 14 and 16 July. More detail has been shared with the DE-CIX Dusseldorf customers via email, and FAQs are available on the DE-CIX customer portal.

You can also join our Virtual Techmeeting on 24 June to get step-by-step guidance to make the renumbering as easy as possible. Please not that this event will be held in German. 

Completely new /23 network

In Frankfurt, we had the luxury that the network we used for the peering LAN was part of a much larger network which also belongs to DE-CIX. Therefore, we only had to move a few addresses around and could extend the network from a /22 to a /21. When we opened DE-CIX Dusseldorf, it was not possible to get such a large network. We only got a /24. As an Internet Exchange, being critical infrastructure, we are able to get more addresses if we prove that we need them; and with our current growth, we got a new /23 network for Dusseldorf. But this network is not adjacent to our current one and we will get a completely new /23 network. Therefore, all customers will have to renumber their IPv4 interface connecting to the Dusseldorf peering LAN. Afterwards, we will give back the old /24.