19 June 2019

DE-CIX behind the scenes: Meet Wolfgang Tremmel

The peering community meets at several events throughout the year, but very often, people don’t know more than the job title and perhaps a little bit about what people do at DE-CIX. With this DE-CIX behind the scenes series, we would like to give you a little bit more information about the DE-CIX team, their daily work, and what drives them – at work, but also personally.

This month’s edition gives some behind the scenes information about Wolfgang Tremmel, Head of the DE-CIX Academy.

Wolfgang, how did you become what you are?

I've been in the Internet business since 1994. Back in 1995, I worked for Xlink as a Network Engineer. It was my first job in the industry. I was given the task to go to Frankfurt and put the Xlink cable into the DE-CIX switch. I had read something before about Internet Exchanges – from the Internet Society, I think. At that time, there were only three or four commercial ISPs in Germany, and Xlink was one of them. When we sent traffic to one of the other German providers, our traffic was routed via the UK or even the USA. At that time, a 2 Mbit/s connection was a really fast connection.

I started as a Network Engineer and I have worked on building Internet infrastructures and Network Planning for various ISPs.  I joined DE-CIX as a Network Engineer in 2006, with the personnel number 5. I built up the current Customer Service team, and I managed the team for 10 years before I decided to change and build up the DE-CIX Academy. This is what I am concentrating on now.

What is your job about?

It’s about a transfer of knowledge to customers, prospects and everyone interested in the Internet – about how Internet works and more specific themes like routing or peering. I create and present internal and external webinars and seminars. My main area of expertise is routing.

What is the coolest thing in your job?

The creativity using state-of-the-art technology, routers, switches, or software. Also the teaching of new developments, best practices, and new technologies that are implemented at DE-CIX. The contact to customers is something that I really appreciate.

Besides conceptualizing and holding webinars or seminars at DE-CIX and sharing your knowledge, what do you get excited about on a personal level?

I love playing around with technology. I am a licensed ham radio operator, I love doing photography and I develop sensor applications for microcontrollers (weather stations etc.). You can see some of my photography work on https://seasons.garf.de or you can follow me on Instagram a https://www.instagram.com/wolfgangtremmel1966/.

Wolfgang, many thanks for the interview!

In the following weeks, we will introduce more DE-CIX team members. If you have a question you would like to be answered by Wolfgang or any other DE-CIX team member, please contact us.

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