12 November 2020

DE-CIX Barcelona – our 25th Internet Exchange

It would not be a DE-CIX summit without an exciting announcement: As part of our Interconnection Summit – Madrid edition 2020, we announced our 25th Internet Exchange – in Barcelona. 

DE-CIX Barcelona will serve networks and enterprises with interconnection services in Catalonia and beyond. Barcelona is the economic hub of the region and one of the top 10 in Europe. With further sea cable landings being established, the importance of the regional digital ecosystem is only increasing. 


The largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in southern Europe

Barcelona will help us to take the interconnection ecosystem in southern Europe to the next level. DE-CIX Madrid is the fastest growing Internet Exchange worldwide: Last week we had an all-time peak of 555 Gigabits per second, and we are about to hit 200 connected networks. Additionally, we have exchanges in Lisbon, Marseille, Palermo, and Athens.   

25 years, 25 Internet Exchanges 

DE-CIX started in 1995 in an old post office in Frankfurt. We have already celebrated many milestones this year, and 25 Internet Exchanges in 25 years is one more to add to the list. You can celebrate our anniversary and 25 years of Internet history on our dedicated website.  

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