19 October 2021

DE-CIX Barcelona is ready for service

Our newest Internet Exchange in Europe DE-CIX Barcelona is ready for service, and the first customers are already connected. The new interconnection hub increases the digitalization and networking capabilities in the region – benefiting both companies and end users. Together with our Internet Exchanges in Lisbon, Madrid, Palermo, and Marseille, DE-CIX Barcelona is part of the largest interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe.

Beyond peering

DE-CIX Barcelona is directly interconnected with DE-CIX Madrid, Marseille, and Frankfurt – allowing access to hundreds of networks and the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange with over 50 cloud service providers. The services offered include peering and remote peering, and you can also benefit from interconnection services such as DirectCLOUD and private interconnect.

The DE-CIX Barcelona premium enabled sites are at the bitNAP, Equinix, and EdgeConneX data centers in Barcelona.