25 February 2021

DE-CIX as a Service – get your own interconnection platform

Last year, we opened new interconnection platforms in Athens, Greece and in the Ruhr region of Germany. What makes these two newcomers special is the new approach to how we get everything up and running technically, and to how we support our local partners in growing them. 

Plug and play technology

For both SEECIX in Athens and Ruhr-CIX in the Ruhr region, we delivered the technical set-up needed for an Internet Exchange as a fully pre-configured and standardized “DE-CIX in a box solution” – easy to plug and play.

As the pandemic hindered from us to be on site during the racking, stacking and installation, we came up with a remote-hands only setup. Everything is prepared by us and all components are shipped to the location with an installation guide. This allows local remote-hands engineers to easily and quickly setup a new DE-CIX Apollon interconnection platform within days.

For example, to get SEECIX ready for service, all the components were prepared in Frankfurt and then shipped, and fully installed locally by engineers from our local data center partner Lamda Hellix. This way we could create a whole new Internet Exchange in a new region and integrate it with the DE-CIX Apollon platform.

Sales and marketing support to attract new business

The “DE-CIX in a box” solution is the technical part of the bigger DE-CIX as a Service program which is designed for partners who want to create their own Internet Exchange and interconnection platform fully operated by DE-CIX. In addition to the hardware and technical set-up, we take care of the customer service and offer you consulting in how to attract new business with marketing and sales support.