24 October 2019

DE-CIX API: Ready for service

DE-CIX offers its customers an API to easily order, configure, and cancel interconnection services. The DE-CIX API is live, ready for service, and the first customers, Epsilon and Interxion, are already using it.  

The API supports fully end-to-end automated processes and is based on IX-API, and industry standard developed for provisioning interconnection at Internet Exchanges.  
The industry standard was developed by AMS-IX, LINX, and DE-CIX, and introduced to the peering community at the European Peering Forum in Tallinn in September. 

How to use the DE-CIX API 

If you want to use the DE-CIX API, the following steps are necessary:  

  • You need to have an API Key and an API Secret to authenticate yourself. To get those, please contact api@de-cix.net
  • You will receive and have to accept the “DE-CIX API Terms of use”
  • The API endpoint for your API requests is https://api.de-cix.net 
  • Finally, to learn in more detail how to use the API, please have a look at the getting started section on the IX-API website 

The API functionality will soon also be made available in the DE-CIX customer portal.

If you have any questions regarding the DE-CIX API, please contact us at api@de-cix.net. 

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