29 September 2020

Creating a sovereign European digital infrastructure

GAIA-X is an initiative aimed at creating an efficient, secure, and trustworthy data and infrastructure ecosystem in Europe. September saw the official establishment of the non-profit organization GAIA-X AISBL (association internationale sans but lucratif) which will take the project forward.

DE-CIX is one of the 22 founding members working together to fulfil the vision of the initiative.

“As the operator of the world’s leading neutral interconnection ecosystem, we see ourselves as duty-bound to create, together with partners within the GAIA-X initiative, an innovative, secure, and sovereign infrastructure for digital federated services in Europe. The signing of the foundation papers for GAIA-X AISBL is therefore an important first step,” commented Harald A. Summa.

Delivering an ecosystem blueprint

GAIA-X’s mission is to strengthen digital sovereignty for business, science, government, and society by empowering the development of innovation ecosystems. DE-CIX can already comply with a lot of the requirements that GAIA-X is anticipating of a future European data and infrastructure ecosystem, and we will contribute to the project with our expertise in interconnection ecosystems and services.