27 April 2021

Connecting Brazil and South Europe: New low latency route across the Atlantic

DE-CIX and EllaLink, the express optical platform between Europe and Latin America, have established a strategic partnership with a goal to promote and enhance a new low latency path across the southern Atlantic, directly connecting Brazil and South Europe. Lisbon will be the entry point to Europe connecting directly to our interconnection ecosystem.

Demand for low latency

The huge demand for low latency and high quality data exchange between Latin America and Southern Europe requires the shortest and fastest connection possible. Creating a low latency route between the two continents unites the two markets and provide benefits to users on both sides of the Atlantic. The partnership brings the unique benefits to all DE-CIX and EllaLink customers and partners, as well as the wider global Internet community at large.

Data traffic is moving to the south

As data traffic is increasingly moving to the south, our exchanges in Lisbon, Barcelona, and Marseille act as an ideal gateway to enter Europe from the Americas, Africa, and Asia, and to interconnect directly with local, regional, and global networks. Together with the exchanges in Madrid and Palermo, our South European exchanges form the region’s largest neutral interconnection ecosystem.