30 January 2020

Celebrating a long-term cooperation: A decade with IX Reach

2020 not only marks the year of DE-CIX’s 25th anniversary, it also marks the 10th anniversary of our successful partnership with IX Reach. IX Reach is a global leading provider of wholesale network solutions, cloud connectivity & remote peering, Metro DWDM, Waves, IP BGP Transit & Colocation, and they were the very first DE-CIX reseller. At that time, there were 350 networks connected at DE-CIX in Frankfurt, while now more than 950 networks peer there, and IX Reach is connected to DE-CIX via multiple 100 GE ports.

Establishing the reseller program at DE-CIX – together

Starting with DE-CIX Frankfurt, IX Reach later also was the first reseller for DE-CIX Marseille and DE-CIX Dallas. They played an important part in establishing the reseller program at DE-CIX, and they were not only influential for us, they also acted as a driver and a motivator in creating the reseller program as we know it today. IX Reach has brought 100+ networks to various DE-CIX Internet Exchanges worldwide, and has supported our global growth and expansion in key traffic points such as Frankfurt, Marseille, Madrid, New York, Dallas, and at UAE-IX in Dubai.

This has been a very successful decade and we are looking forward to working with them for many more years, decades even. Without them, we would not be where we are today. Thank you, IX Reach team!

IX Reach: A leading global solutions provider 

IX Reach is a leading global solutions provider offering remote peering solutions at key Internet Exchanges, SDN direct interconnection to all major cloud providers, high-speed point-to-point/multipoint ethernet private line, IP BGP transit, and colocation. They were the first reseller for DE-CIX Frankfurt, and later also the first reseller for Marseille and Dallas, and as such they have accompanied and supported DE-CIX’s development for many years. In 2018, IX Reach upgraded its infrastructure in the Frankfurt exchange to 200GE, enabling more remote peering sessions in the region. 

IX Reach connects networks to our exchanges in Frankfurt, New York, Dallas, Madrid, and Marseille, as well as UAE-IX via the IX Reach network and DE-CIX Istanbul, Hamburg, Munich, and Dusseldorf via the DE-CIX GlobePEER Remote service. Overall, they are connecting more networks to DE-CIX than any other reseller and are officially the number one reseller at DE-CIX.

IX Reach was acquired by BSO in 2019.