3 November 2020

Building a better and more connected world for everyone

Our partners are a big part of our business – together we make the Internet what it is today. One of our long-term partners is Angola Cables, a telecommunications operator of fiber-optic cables. Their submarine cables across the Atlantic region interconnect the Americas, Africa, and Europe, and are able to link DE-CIX Internet Exchanges. 

In our interview with Angola Cables CEO António Nunes, he talks about the early years of his career in Asia, how Angola Cables came about, and his vision for the future of the Internet and interconnection. 

Transforming Angola into an Internet hub 

During his career António has been part of a pioneering Angolan team, enabling Internet access across the country and try to build a better, and more connected world for everyone. With Angola Cables, they built the Angolan Internet Exchange Angonix, which in only one year became the 3rd largest Internet Exchange in Africa. Today, Angola Cables is recognized as one of the reference Internet service providers on the continent.

Angola Cables is the first and currently the only option connecting Africa to the Americas directly, offering potential to change the global traffic exchange flow scenario. Their vision is to transform Angola into an African hub and maintain their contribution to developing the telecom industry.

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