27 September 2021

Blackholing Advanced – new rules available

Our Blackholing Advanced service revolutionizes the defence against Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks directly at an Internet Exchange using individual fine-grained filtering mechanisms.

There are multiple rules currently available, and we have just added some new ones. The rules can be used to block specific IP packets by using Extended BGP Communities to initiate the service. It is possible to drop packets or to shape (reduce) packets to 5 Mbps. It is also possible to exempt certain packets from being dropped or shaped allowing you for example to drop all UDP packets for a specific IP while letting DNS traffic still pass. Check out the DE-CIX portal for examples of the existing rules.

Activate the service on our customer portal

The Blackholing Advanced service is currently available as a beta version at DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in Dallas, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Marseille, Munich, New York, and Palermo. The feature is not activated by default. To to use it please activate the service in the DE-CIX customer portal.