1 September 2022

Big changes at DE-CIX

DE-CIX board
The new DE-CIX Group AG Board, from left to right: Ivo Ivanov (Chair and CEO), Sebastian Seifert (CFO), Dr. Thomas King (CTO) and Christian Reuter (CSO)

There are some big organizational changes happening at DE-CIX: After more than 25 years as CEO and five years as Chair of the DE-CIX Group AG Board, Harald A. Summa is stepping down to take a seat on the DE-CIX Supervisory Board. Ivo Ivanov, who has until now been a member of the DE-CIX Group AG Board, will take his place as the new CEO and as Chair of the Board.

Alongside Ivo and Sebastian Seifert, the CFO, the board will also get two new members: Dr. Thomas King, DE-CIX’s CTO, has been appointed a seat on the board, and he is joined by DE-CIX’s new Chief Sales Officer, Christian Reuter. In this newly created role, Christian will steer the global sales and marketing activities.

With the new management structure, we are setting the course for growth and viability not only for the coming years, but for the long run.

A German Internet pioneer

Since the beginning of the Internet in Germany, Harald A. Summa has been one of the most influential personalities in the region’s digital economy. He is the founder of DE-CIX as well as the founder and CEO of eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Since 2020 Harald has been Co-Chair of the Organization Member Advisory Council at the Internet Society (ISOC) and he is an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Gaia-X European Association for Data and Cloud AISBL.

“DE-CIX currently finds itself in an unprecedented growth phase. I look forward to bringing my experience into my new role in the Supervisory Board in future and continuing to contribute to DE-CIX's success story. I would like to thank all the companions, business partners, and above all the entire team for the extraordinarily successful development of DE-CIX in the last few decades. Who would have thought, 25 years ago, that DE-CIX could become one of the drivers of digitalization? And not only in Germany, but globally. Of that I am particularly proud,” comments Harald.