24 September 2019

BGP for networks who peer – DE-CIX Academy seminar

In December, the DE-CIX Academy will conduct its first seminar for junior network engineers, held in German. More seminars will follow, of course not only in German but also in English. This first seminar is the first step towards extending the existing DE-CIX Academy training program in order to not only offer white papers, webinars and videos, but also give deep insights on-site at the DE-CIX office. The seminar offers an intense training on BGP for those who will in future be managing peering and interconnection at small and big networks. You’ll learn about BGP both in theory and practice, a routing lab on basis of FRRouting (no Ci$co and no J$$$$$) – mainly: peering for network engineers.

Basic routing knowledge necessary

The five-day seminar will be held in German in the first week of December (2 to 6 December) at the DE-CIX office in Frankfurt. To take part, basic knowledge of Internet routing, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, and UDP is required. As Wolfgang Tremmel, Head of DE-CIX Academy, puts it: You should at least have configured a router before using the command line.

For this first five day seminar, we only charge a net price for the cost of the catering etc. of 300 Euros (incl. VAT) per participant. If you would like to attend, please register here. 

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