17 June 2019

Available IPv4 routes shown on connected customer lists

In addition to the overall network count of active networks and networks in the process of connecting, we now also show the number of available IPv4 routes at the route servers. The information can be found above the connected networks list of every exchange. The available IPv4 routes number is extracted out of the DE-CIX Looking Glass, and you can jump from the connected networks lists directly to the respective route server information of the exchange, using the Looking Glass button.

Can you guess at which exchange more than 145,500 IPv4 routes are currently available at the route servers? Check here if you guessed right. With the DE-CIX Looking Glass service, it is possible to easily search for an AS number, a peer, or a particular IP prefix. In addition, the Looking Glass service provides information on why a certain route is rejected by the route server (e.g. due to IRR filters). More information about how to use the DE-CIX Looking Glass can be found here.

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