12 September 2019

AI-supported DDoS mitigation at Internet Exchanges

While the Research & Development team is working on the 5G Islands project, an additional  project is already next in line: AIDoS.

The AIDos project, which started in July 2019, explores AI-supported DDoS mitigation at Internet Exchanges. The idea is to improve the mitigation capabilities at Internet Exchanges to defend against DDoS attacks – to create an improved Blackholing service.

The aim of this three-year project is not only to provide the tools for mitigation, but also to help networks with DDoS detection. Since Internet Exchanges are very central points in the Internet – from a logical perspective – they are very suited for the correlation of data from multiple customers and the early detection and AI-supported detection of those attacks, maybe even before networks realize themselves that they have been targeted. With AIDoS and extended DDoS mitigation possibilities, networks can get tailored recommendations on how to mitigate an attack.

More information about the DE-CIX Research & Development team published research papers, and current and past research projects can be found here. 

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