15 October 2020

28,000 kilometers of Internet backbone

Celebrating quarter of a century of Internet history at DE-CIX, we take a look at our partner GasLINE who provides a large Internet backbone all over Germany. 

In an interview with GasLINE’s Managing Director Wolfram Rinner, he shares how the company is bringing the outlying regions in Germany online for the modern Internet with fiber optic networks, and connecting them to the world through DE-CIX hubs.

The backbone for broadband coverage

Did you know that the name GasLINE comes from the fact that they were founded in 1996 by 15 regional and grid gas suppliers? This is why the company name includes “Gas”, while the “LINE” part points out that they put the fiber optic compounds that are spread all around Germany, into the ground.

In the recent years GasLINE has been investing massively in grid growth, network expansion, and they are one of the major fiber optic infrastructure providers in Germany boasting a comprehensive, nationwide network with current route length totaling more than 28,000 km. A further 3,000 km is planned by the end of 2022. Increasingly, their customers in the mobile network business are also making use of the dark fiber routes to connect their antenna locations as part of 5G network development.

If you want to know more, read the full interview on our anniversary website.