2 February 2021

New interconnection options for the Stuttgart region: Internet Exchange DE-CIX and Stuttgart-IX agree on cloud cooperation

Frankfurt am Main, 2 February 2021: DE-CIX, the operator of the world’s largest Internet Exchange in Frankfurt am Main, and Stuttgart-IX, the Internet Exchange for the Stuttgart region, have entered into a strategic partnership. The goal of this partnership is to enable local Internet service providers and regionally based enterprise customers from the Stuttgart metropolitan region to access the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange. For this purpose, Stuttgart IX will be connected to DE-CIX in Frankfurt via a direct, redundant connection, enabling direct access to national and international cloud providers.

“This new partnership and the connection of Stuttgart-IX to DE-CIX in Frankfurt will particularly benefit regional enterprise customers in the Stuttgart area in terms of digitalization and networking,” said Dr. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer at DE-CIX. “It’s not just since the Corona pandemic that the digital infrastructure that enterprises use every day to run their businesses has increased massively in importance. The direct and secure exchange of data with large and also specialized cloud platforms, with partner companies from the enterprise’s own business ecosystem or with their own national and international offices is business-critical nowadays and is faster and more secure via DE-CIX’s interconnection platform.”

Moritz Frenzel, Network Architect at Stuttgart-IX, adds: “We are pleased to offer the Stuttgart region a local gateway to the cloud, and thus to be able to offer our participants connections to Amazon, Google, Microsoft & Co. in addition to local peering. This enables enterprises from the Stuttgart area to benefit from the cloud providers’ offerings without having to leave Stuttgart. We will continue to focus on our core competence, namely local, high-performance peering in Stuttgart, while DE-CIX opens the gateway to a variety of clouds for our participants.”

Focus on enterprise customers

While Stuttgart-IX organizes data exchange in the regional area in an efficient, high-performance and cost-effective manner, DE-CIX is the gateway to the large national and international cloud and business platforms. This will benefit national and international enterprise customers in particular, as well as local Internet service providers, who will be able to organize their direct connections outside the region via the cooperation.

Marketing via DE-CIX

Stuttgart-IX is a non-profit organization made up of volunteer Internet experts. DE-CIX, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of eco – Association of the Internet Industry (also a company originating from the midst of the Internet community) will, thanks to its extensive sales and marketing resources, take over the marketing of the new cloud offering.