10 May 2022

Internet Exchange in Frankfurt continues to grow: DE-CIX and NewTelco enter into partnership

Frankfurt am Main, 10 May 2022: DE-CIX, the world's leading operator of Internet Exchanges, is expanding its presence in the Frankfurt location and is cooperating with data center operator NewTelco with immediate effect. At one of the world's largest Internet Exchanges, two new "DE-CIX Premium Enabled Sites" are being established – one in the heart of the German metropolis on the River Main and a further one in Karlstein am Main in the Rhine-Main metropolitan region. This means that NewTelco provides the data center infrastructure and DE-CIX operates its own network infrastructure there. In total, DE-CIX has a presence in over 35 different data centers in Frankfurt, making it one of the world's largest municipal IT infrastructures. Last year, a data volume of 29 exabytes flowed through the various DE-CIX sites in Frankfurt, 20 percent more than in the previous year. One goal of the expansion with NewTelco is to optimally serve the increased demand from enterprises for interconnection services and data capacities.

“Through the new partnership with NewTelco, we can further expand the role of DE-CIX as the most important European Internet Exchange and offer our customers in and around the Main metropolis even greater redundancy. Our goal is to expand our coverage not only in Frankfurt, but nationwide, in order to be as close as possible to the user. This reduces latency and improves the user experience,” comments Mareike Jacobshagen, Head of Global Business Partner Program at DE-CIX, on the expansion.

“In addition to our colocation and data center space in Frankfurt, we made a conscious decision to build the MainRZ in the environs of the Rhine-Main metropolitan region in order to provide the necessary data center infrastructure for digitalization and thus also the increasing demand for data capacities in the region. Not only do our customers benefit from the new DE-CIX partnership at our carrier grade location in Kleyerstraße in Frankfurt, but we also bring the world's largest Internet Exchange with redundant network connections & low latencies to the Aschaffenburg district. This enables local and regional enterprises and authorities to operate their ICT infrastructures in compliance with the GDPR in our VK 3 /RC 3 certified data center and to connect them with high bandwidths with low latencies,” says Jens Leuchters, Managing Director at NewTelco, about the partnership.  

DE-CIX operates more than 30 Internet Exchanges in Europe, North America, the Middle East, India and Asia, either under its own management or in various cooperation and partnership models. At its worldwide locations, DE-CIX connects more than 2,500 network operators (carriers), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and corporate networks from more than 100 countries and offers peering, cloud and interconnection services. All in all, DE-CIX Internet Exchanges build the world's largest neutral interconnection ecosystem with a connected customer capacity of more than 100 terabits.