27 April 2023

Global Interconnection Academy initiated by DE-CIX is live

  • Global leader in interconnection facilitates access to knowledge to drive the development of the next generation of Internet industry talents
  • First courses, “What is an IX?” and “Networking basics”, now available for enrollment
  • Initiative with Barcelona university UPF reflects DE-CIX’s commitment to providing access to knowledge enabling the further development of the Internet worldwide

Frankfurt (Germany), 27 April, 2023. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator, today announces that the global Interconnection Academy, developed together with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona, is now taking enrollments for its initial set of modules. Designed as Nano MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), or NOOCs, the courses are interactive, fully online, free-of-charge, and openly accessible worldwide. The first two courses, “What is an IX?” and “Networking basics”, the first in an extensive training path, are now available. New courses covering the entire value chain of the interconnection business will be added in the coming months. Participants will receive blockchain-based certificates for their successful completion of each course, with the ultimate goal of achieving a master certificate combining all courses completed and identifying the holder as a Certified Interconnection Specialist. DE-CIX also invites other industry stakeholders and academic institutions to contribute additional content, and over time the university network will be extended to enable the adaptation of the Interconnection Academy materials to different cultures and markets.

“Developing talent for the interconnection industry is of major importance for the coming decades, as increasing numbers of newcomers from the enterprise sector recognize the need for customized and controllable interconnection. The academy will support the careers of individuals from all sectors who want to work in the business of interconnection and connectivity,” comments Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX. “As a global leader in interconnection, we have the responsibility and privilege to facilitate access to knowledge that will drive the development of the Internet worldwide. DE-CIX is committed to making the global Interconnection Academy training platform open to all members of the digital infrastructure industry and the many other sectors that depend on this infrastructure to accelerate digital business.”

The global Interconnection Academy courses are tailored for the current players in the interconnection value chain and for any enterprise professional wishing to learn about interconnection and how to apply it to an IT strategy. They are also suitable for IT students wanting to embark on a career in the world of interconnection. As the library of courses grows, they will range from business strategy topics related to interconnection, digital infrastructure, and the needs of enterprises in the digital economy, through to highly technical topics. The aim of the program is to set standards for the entire industry – for both young and seasoned professionals – in terms of education and expertise. Thus, the program can help alleviate the current skills gap and bridge the digital knowledge divide resulting from generational and geographical challenges.

“Many companies do not have the resources to send their staff to undertake long, drawn-out degrees to ensure they have the required knowledge in-house. Here, the DE-CIX global Interconnection Academy offers a perfect opportunity for professional development for existing staff, as well as adding value to the qualifications of career starters,” Ivanov continues. “Working to increase the understanding of connectivity and the Internet is fundamental to DE-CIX’s core values.”

More information and enrollments here: https://interconnectionacademy.net/