1 December 2021

DE-CIX Richmond now live

DE-CIX Richmond offers immediate access to over twenty locally connected networks 

Richmond VA, 1 December 2021: DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, announces that its newest IX, DE-CIX Richmond, is now live and exchanging traffic. DE-CIX Richmond replaces the Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange (RVA-IX). Members of the non-profit RVA-IX were seamlessly transitioned to DE-CIX’s globally leading Apollon multi-service interconnection platform, effective November 16, 2021. DE-CIX Richmond now provides both existing and new interconnected networks with a state-of-the-art platform offering additional capacity, redundancy, scalability and enhanced services, improving connectivity capabilities in the market.

“We are excited to see how DE-CIX will transform the Richmond interconnection market, enhancing international connectivity capabilities in light of our access to Virginia Beach, where multiple new transatlantic subsea cables are landing,” adds Scott K. Brown, cofounder of the RVA-IX and President of Pixel Factory, a data center where the DE-CIX Richmond IX will be accessible from. “DE-CIX service capabilities, from peering to access to the cloud and content providers, as well as its global reach – available across a proven platform, which has had 100% uptime for DE-CIX in the US since they’ve been in operations in North America – is a win for the market. It is an honor to pass the torch in Richmond to the leading global IX operator, DE-CIX.”

Richmond, Virginia is a network convergence point and a burgeoning interconnection hub in North America. Richmond serves as a key market for international subsea cables, acting as a natural interconnection point enabling networks to transmit data capacity north, south, and west.  Furthermore, network thoroughfares enable extended, low latency connectivity to Eastern and Coastal Carolina communities, enabling interconnection at the edge, expanding reach to underserved and hard to reach areas. 

“DE-CIX Richmond is now our fourth live location in North America – following DE-CIX Chicago, which went live in December 2020, DE-CIX Dallas, operating since late 2016, and DE-CIX New York, since 2014,” comments Ed d’Agostino, VP and General Manager of DE-CIX North America. “DE-CIX Richmond will be directly connected to DE-CIX New York, immediately enhancing connectivity and the value of connecting at the local IX. With DE-CIX’s international strength and breadth, as well as the depth of reach of our partners and existing relationships, we look forward to building upon the great foundation established by RVA-IX to improve and enhance connectivity solutions in the Richmond market.”

DE-CIX Richmond offers multi-service interconnection solutions, more than just peering. DE-CIX services include DirectCLOUD, with access to leading cloud providers; enhanced security with Blackholing capabilities and RPKI policies; enterprise solutions such as Closed User Groups, and more. DE-CIX Richmond is a new standalone platform powered by Nokia, with direct access from EdgeConneX, QTS Richmond, and Pixel Factory data centers in Richmond.