27 May 2021

DE-CIX Madrid celebrates its fifth anniversary well surpassing 200 connected networks

DE-CIX Internet Exchange in the Spanish capital celebrates five years of success, doubling traffic and becoming the technological hub of Southern Europe.

Madrid, 27 May 2021: DE-CIX Madrid, the heart of the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in Southern Europe, celebrates five years since its founding in 2016 by taking a look back at its history and influence in the Southern European interconnection ecosystem. Five years ago, DE-CIX Madrid began operations with only 66 connected networks and a presence in two data centers.

As of today, present in four data centers, the connected networks amount to 220, an increase of 233% in just five years. Traffic data figures are also impressive, having increased by 50% since March last year, with current peak traffic already exceeding 650 Gbps per second.

The history of DE-CIX Madrid has been marked by continuous growth, which positioned it as the fastest growing Internet Exchange worldwide just a year into operations. In the first three months of 2019, it doubled the previous year's peak traffic by exceeding 300 Gbps.

The arrival of the coronavirus has meant an accelerator for the entire Internet industry, and Internet Exchanges such as DE-CIX have responded seamlessly to the high demand and changing user habits. For example, between February and March 2020, DE-CIX Madrid experienced a 20% increase in data traffic.

New digital era: latency is the new currency

The company's commitment to this region is firm, as corroborated by the forthcoming opening of DE-CIX Barcelona and the recent agreements reached to expand the interconnection infrastructure. The first of these is with Adam, now the first partner to offer the DirectCLOUD service in Spain, with access to the world's largest interconnection ecosystem and cloud services from leading providers, and the second with EllaLink to optimize the submarine Internet route between Europe and the Americas, creating a new low-latency pathway for transatlantic data traffic.

"Spain and the Iberian Peninsula, with Madrid at the center, play a very important role in terms of Internet quality. Over the last five years our aim has been to position DE-CIX Madrid as the leading interconnection hub in Southern Europe and offer Internet users a seamless user experience and the lowest possible latency, as latency has become the new currency of our digital age," says Ivo Ivanov, CEO of DE-CIX International.