10 March 2021

DE-CIX Chicago Achieves Open-IX OIX-1 Certification

New York, 10 March 2021: DE-CIX, the world’s leading carrier and data center neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator expands its support of Open-IX Internet Exchange standards, obtaining OIX-1 certification for DE-CIX Chicago. DE-CIX Chicago is the company’s newest IX, launched in December 2020, and is the third location it operates in North America to achieve OIX-1 certification.

Open-IX, launched in 2014, is an industry-led volunteer organization focused on creating best-of-breed standards for Internet Exchange Providers (IXP OIX-1) and Data Center Providers (DC OIX-2). Open-IX fosters mutually beneficial ecosystems built upon core values and best practices designed, moderated and certified by industry professionals. The association provides operators with IX and data center technical standards that ensure uniformity for data transformation and physical connectivity to create more resilient and reliable solutions. Certification is achieved through an application and review process, and is self-regulated to foster critical data center and IXP technical and operating standards. 

“Since its inception, Open-IX has raised the bar on interconnection and ecosystem standards for IXs and data centers, providing a solid framework of best practices for operators,” comments Ed d’Agostino, VP and Managing Director of DE-CIX North America. “It was important to ensure our third IX in North America, DE-CIX Chicago, achieved its OIX-1 certification along with DE-CIX Dallas and DE-CIX New York, further illustrating our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of interconnection infrastructure.”

“Open-IX wants to take this opportunity to acknowledge DE-CIX’s continued commitment to enhancing open interconnection, globally,” said Eli D. Scher, Chairman of Open-IX. “We are honored that DE-CIX continues to seek Open-IX certification for its North American IXPs. The support of the global leader in IXPs is undoubtedly critical to our mission of promoting an open and distributed interconnection ecosystem. We not only appreciate DE-CIX’s continued commitment to OIX-1 certification, but also the countless volunteer hours of its talented team.”

DE-CIX has continued to maintain and adhere to its Open-IX OIX-1 certification since receiving it in 2015 in DE-CIX New York and at DE-CIX Dallas since 2016. The OIX-1 certification is specifically designed for Internet Exchanges serving as a point of network interconnection. It is validation that DE-CIX has met the strictest criteria defined by global industry veterans and that DE-CIX’s infrastructure has proven to be of the highest standard for interconnection, resilience and reliability.